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Traditional manufacturer of brushes for industrial purposes made ​​production since 1997 in the quality management system according to ISO 9001

The company KART Ltd. was founded in the year 1992 located in Verneřice, Northern Bohemia. Tradition of production of brushes is here since 1942.

Starting from 1992, KART Ltd. is still undergoing an intensive development. The strategic decision of the owners was to revitalize the underdeveloped company in order to produce high quality goods as well as brushes according to special customer´s requirements. The aim was not to enter the market with a mass production, but with high quality goods for the domestic market and subsequently with products intended for export. The initial production was almost completely restored by replacing of old production machinery for the new one. Most machines are now equipped with CNC control system and are conveniently grouped into the "production lines". The company focuses on the theory how brushes affect the surface of metals.

The company also prefers to develop not only new products, but also develops its own production machinery in collaboration with other partners.

The company concentrated on the development of its information system and its adaptation to the logistics requirements by using modern management methods and trading. Owners of the company consider its economic security as very important referring to periodically changes of terms of sales by creating its own capital. This allowed the company a gradual deliberation from bank loans and lease financing.

We also consider essential that the company was managed to successfully implement the development programs in the framework of European funds. The company fully supports a further training of its employees.

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