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ISO 9001
Traditional manufacturer of brushes for industrial purposes made ​​production since 1997 in the quality management system according to ISO 9001

The company KART Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of wire brushes in Central Europe. Employees, management of the company and its owners are willing briskly and accurately respond to customer´s demands.

The company KART Ltd. manufactures various types of industrial brushes. These brushes can be divided into the following basic groups:

  • brushes for manual use, manufactured in series or according to customer´s demands
  • brushes for machine use, manufactured in series or according to customer´s demands
  • individual brushes designed according to customer´s demands

For mounting brushes there are used different working fibers with circular or flat profile:

  • steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze. Nylon and abrasive nylon with a round profile and a flat steel wire.
  • fibers with a circular profile are either straight (smooth) or wavy. A flat steel wire is always straight.

The company KART Ltd. manufactures high quality products. Quality of its products is certified to standard ISO 9001.

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