pricelist ISO 9001
Traditional manufacturer of brushes for industrial purposes made ​​production since 1997 in the quality management system according to ISO 9001

Pricelist of the company KART Ltd. contains all mass-produced brushes and accessories (adapters) for these brushes. Prices are listed without VAT. Discount from that price is provided by KART Ltd. according to the terms and conditions of the company if you place orders of large quantities of the products. This trade discount can be provided only to a properly registered trader due to a written agreement of purchase. Prices do not include the cost of transport of goods to the customer (except conditions of e-shop purchases) and they are valid for the purchase of goods that are directly lifted from the manufacturing KART plant in Verneřice.

For export of the products outside the territory of the Czech Republic that discount and final price is calculated according to the exchange rate of EURO against CZK applicable on the date of pursuing the invoice. The physical collection is required in EURO. The pricelist can be obtained as an Excel file (*. xls) by downloading from the website. The downloaded file of pricelist can be used any other time.

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