Terms and Conditions ISO 9001
Traditional manufacturer of brushes for industrial purposes made ​​production since 1997 in the quality management system according to ISO 9001

Terms and conditions
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KART s.r.o.
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Notice: On the billing and shipping address are accepted and handled all agenda related to the distribution of products by the company KART Ltd.

Products of the company KART Ltd.:

Products of the company KART Ltd. are wire brushes and some types of brushes mounted with plastic fibers, or other similar brushes and adapters. These brushes (henceforth "Products") are made during the manufacturing process certified to standard ISO 9001. If there are certain products for sale originally from another manufacturer, we reqiure from this manufacturer also certified to standard ISO 9001, or these products have to pass the quality tests applicable in the company KART Ltd.

Sales of products:

The products are sold in accordance with the valid range in the catalogue of the company KART Ltd. The company reserves the right to change the range of its products in the catalogue without giving a reason, especially to replace the original product with a new product of higher value. Price for products is intended to be public, time-limited current pricelist for one piece of the product and does not include value added tax (VAT).

Legal measures related to sales of products by the company KART Ltd. :

Products, their delivery, packaging and quality correspond with the internal regulations of the company KART Ltd. These regulations are fully in accordance with the standard ISO 9001, which is applicable in the company.

Legal liability for damage caused by products of the company KART Ltd.:

The company KART Ltd. is not legally or financially responsible for damages caused by usage of its products as recommended, for damages caused by usage of its products in any other improper way than the way, which it is generally accepted, for damages caused by usage beyond the declared safety rules and for damages caused by improper storage of its products.

The company KART Ltd. assumes no liability for damages of its products caused by third parties, for shipping damage, theft, etc.

Other provisions related to the handling with products of the company KART Ltd.:

In all other cases, the company KART Ltd. makes its business deals in accordance with the Czech Commercial Code, as amended, and other laws of the Czech Republic, as amended. If eventually any disputes arise after deals between the company KART Ltd. and its customers and they are not able to achieve an agreement, the case will be forwarded to the competent Czech court in the area, where the head office of the company KART Ltd. is located, even in the case that the business deals are beyond the territory of the Czech Republic.

Types of sales:

Products of the company KART Ltd. sell:

  • directly in the manufacturing plant
  • directly to customers
  • through distributors and wholesalers
  • online through the Internet (e-shop)

Types of transport:

The company KART Ltd. does not transport the products by its own means of transport. Delivery of products is then provided by public transporters or customers deliver the products on their own. The transport expenses are paid by the recipient of products, unless other type of transport is agreed in the order.

Order of products:

Ordering of products can be made:

  • electronically (e-mail, fax)
  • written manner (mail)
  • purchase (e-shop)

Only registered customer who has an assigned login code can buy products online. E-shop is a standard commercial system, which allows also foreign customers to place orders. After the supplier confirms the date, amount of products and agreed delivery service, the order becomes binding. Then you can cancel the order only by agreement. Until the purchase from the customer is credited to the bank account of the supplier, the delivered products remain a property of the supplier. For any damage of products that occur within delivery will be charged the transporter and the customer.

Purchase for products:

  • payment may be requested in advance against proforma invoice for the goods ready for shipment
  • payment can be made in a standard way against invoice submitted simultaneously with the delivery of products
  • invoice is due to the date, generally 14 days from the date of issue, or due to the date specified in the invoice
  • previous provisions for the payment also applies to orders placed on the e-shop
  • on the address of the manufacturer can pay cash for the products

Price for products:

  • final price for the products as listed in the pricelist. The pricelist is valid all year round (since January 1) and may be subject to change after a prior notice from authorized distributors.
  • individual authorized distributors are provided trade discounts from the final price as agreed in their contracts, which generally depend on purchases they made and the financial value of the products for the previous year. These contracts are always prolonged for the next period in the first month of the year and are valid for the whole year, unless the distributor abuses unethically or in other way violates the business deals.
  • to support the sale of products on e-shop we provide a small discount from the price for customers.

Terms and conditions:

The following terms and conditions established on January 1, 2012 are valid until further notice.

Terms and conditions approved by:
Michal Horák
acting by the company KART Ltd.
In Prague on January 1, 2012